Quick loans for entrepreneurs

Fast loans for entrepreneurs

Fast loans for entrepreneurs

Since 2008, there are many that many people have lost their jobs, and given the length of this crisis, they have considered as a job, be autonomous and start their own business, and with it the need to resort to fast loans for entrepreneurs.

In 2015, the constitution of mercantile companies increased 0.4%, to 94,981 new companies, according to data from the commercial yearbook of the Registrar’s Association.

In this 2016 and during the first 3 months, the constitution of mercantile companies grew by 10.5% year-on-year, to a total of 29,677, the highest figure in the last 8 years, in the first quarter, as well as the accumulated in The last 12 months.

Fortunately, almost one million people have found employment in the last 2 years, 517,000 in the last 12 months, given the GDP growth that closed in 2015 at 3.2%, being for this 2016 the estimate around 3, 7% annually.

All those people who unfortunately have not found employment, are raised in order to have a job and end their unemployment situation, establish a company or business, or register as a freelancer.

This approach is a good alternative, but you need money to start, open a business, or start a business, so one way is to use fast loans for entrepreneurs.

How to get quick loans for entrepreneurs

How to get quick loans for entrepreneurs

The majority of these companies or businesses, are constituted with little social capital, with what they need from external financing, to develop their line of business, or to be able to have an activity without treasury difficulties, and to be able to pay the payrolls of the employees if the has, pay suppliers, and be able to meet all the fixed expenses of the activity itself. A good part of the new companies end up closing due to lack of financing.

Many financial institutions, have products oriented to newly created companies, and have fast credits for entrepreneurs

Another possibility to find financing for entrepreneurs is to use loans for entrepreneurs of the ICO: Official Credit Institute. This is a public bank with legal form of public business entity, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support. This public entity has different lines of credit, which you can ask for money in the best conditions and interest. ICO loans offer different lines for SMEs and entrepreneurs, the so-called ICO LINES, oriented to export, internalization, technological investment, liquidity, ect….

To apply for ICO credits, it must be done through most banks or financial entities. Ask at the bank you work with, or have a checking account.

In addition, most communities have grants for young entrepreneurs. In the case of the community of Madrid, you have all the information, grants, financing, advice, training, ect. through the portal Undertake it.

If in spite of this, you don’t find the financing you need, Creditosweb selects for you the best fast loans for entrepreneurs


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