I need money: 5 alternatives to bank loans

You need money: 5 life-saving tips

You need money: 5 life-saving tips

The bank loan very often betrays its role precisely at the moment of greatest need, and towards those in urgent need. Many have happened to go to the bank, maybe turn to the manager clearly saying ” I need money, help me “, to be told that the bank “without collateral” has its hands tied, having to follow the guidelines given by the top management, which is translate into real credit policies.

A restrictive policy that in some cases may force you to turn to the wrong people, as in the case of usurers, or to seek help on the web, increasingly covered with requests such as: ” Who can help me? “Or” How can I do it? “(See also How to make money ). A solution that is only apparently simple and that exposes you to considerable risks given the impossibility of really knowing the intentions of those who ask and who offers to help. Having said that, here are some suggestions that can pave the way to hope and a more or less optimal solution, it being understood that one must also see what is the reason why the sudden need to obtain additional liquidity arises.

If it is for very unfortunate events, such as the death of one of the bearers of income, or in less extreme cases but nevertheless serious as an accident of a certain entity, there are moratoria or facilitations that allow to suspend a series of payments in progress, for a certain time horizon.

  1. Loan between family members

    In situations of difficulty modesty must be put aside and for the serenity of all it is enough to fill out a contract in the form of a private writing, which defines well the conditions of the agreement. This also applies if the lender chooses to make a donation, or without giving back the sums. The issue, in addition to ensuring greater clarity and protection, also has important fiscal reasons.

  2. Social loan

    Inquire with the Region if the ceiling for the social loan is still available, which is part of the microcredit and allows you to obtain sums up to 10 thousand USD. There are often offices that are able to give this type of information even at the municipal level, especially in large municipalities, or you can try to see if there is information online.

  3. Parochial assistance and religious institutions

    Contact your parish to ask for information on the conditions for obtaining the loan of hope (see Caritas Loan ): it works like microcredit, provides for amounts up to 6 thousand USD for private individuals and 25 thousand USD for businesses, and is activated starting with the requested by the diocesan office. If you have a parish that is not very active, you can go to another one as long as you have contacts with people who are present at a territorial level.

  4. Anti-wear bottoms and foundations

    In moments of serious difficulty it is possible to refer to anti-usury associations, to find out how to access the appropriate fund, which meets not only those who are victims of loan sharks and loan sharks, but also those who are in a state of over-indebtedness. You can also turn to the large police stations, which have contacts with the associations that offer this kind of aid.

  5. Consumer associations

    It is also possible to ask a consumer association to intercede and offer assistance to access the aforementioned usury prevention fund. For example you can contact the Adiconsum which is one of the most active and has offices all over Italy.

Consider these alternatives, it remains by itself that the least wise and least safe choice, even though it may seem the most “easy” and immediate, is to turn to strangers who propose themselves online. Behind these “generous” offers they often hide risky scams.

If then the difficulty is dictated by a request for reimbursement by a bank, when you no longer have the opportunity to pay your debts, you can try the way of organizations that deal with the management of situations of this type, such as example Consumer protection.

Bank credit: the easiest solution?

Bank credit: the easiest solution?

After having addressed these “suggestions” to avoid finding oneself in a bad or bad situation, one cannot fail to reiterate that the possibility of immediately obtaining the figure one needs goes to clash with reality except in some cases where, if possible, one must act in advance. In this perspective a fundamental resource, to obtain a sort of liquidity tank to be used only when necessary, is represented by the credit.

Here the problems for its use can be linked:

Here the problems for its use can be linked:

  • to the type of current account that has been opened, which does not provide for the possibility of being able to open the credit line;
  • by the Bank, which does not offer loans to private customers due to corporate policy issues;
  • from the lack of the necessary conditions to obtain the credit (in many cases it is sufficient to pay the salary).

On the other hand there may be solutions for each condition, but what are they?

On the other hand there may be solutions for each condition, but what are they?

  • Hypothesis 1: the current account held does not allow a credit line to be obtained (it can also happen in the case of a joint account with a current signature). To overcome this difficulty, a joint account with a separate signature should be opened to the maximum or another account should be chosen that allows the opening of the credit facility. In the case of more options, choose those with few and clear costs (for example, Ing Direct has used a very careful policy in this sense);
  • hypothesis 2: your bank does not have accounts suitable for the purpose. Staying in a potentially dangerous situation in the face of unforeseen events should prompt you to change immediately. It is better not to negotiate but to look directly elsewhere, in order not to end up with a series of connected products, difficult to combine just when it would be needed;
  • hypothesis 3: we do not have the requisites that allow us to obtain a credit with that bank. Ask what additional guarantees are provided, and if the answer is not satisfactory you can move easily elsewhere, also thanks to the new services like “bank” relocation. These services are now also available for loans to more advantageous conditions, as in the case for example of the Credem Relocation Company which reimburses up to 1200 USD.

If there is no acceptable guarantee to obtain a credit, you can see if you have the conditions to make a loan on pledge or keep a revolving card in a drawer to be used in case of need with the cash advance function.

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