Credits and urgent loans

How to get money fast?

How to get money fast?

There are several paths to follow when trying to get fast money and depend on the financial profile of the interested party. Although each entity has its own scale of conditions, basically the characteristics of the client will be taken into account, as in any other type of loan: if it has fixed income, if it owes money, if it has any other debt …

Officials and workers with seniority in a company and without outstanding debts will obtain them more easily than unemployed or self-employed.

All in all, in broad strokes, we will divide them into two broad paths: those that can be followed by people who require urgent credit and who do not appear on any list of delinquents, such as Credit Institutions, ZAD…, and the options for users who They appear in one of them.

We show some options when it comes to claiming urgent credits when you are not in any list of delinquents:

  • Mini loans: It is an alternative if you need a small amount and get the credit immediately. These are loans of up to 600 USD to be returned without installments in a short term, usually about 21 days. The money is obtained quickly and easily, even through the Internet and in some cases by SMS. In contrast, the interest they request is quite high.
  • Quick loans: When you have to face a somewhat higher amount, between 600 and 10,000 USD, there are so-called fast loans. They are usually ordered online and it is not necessary to go to a branch. Thus, the interested parties must fill out a form with their data, among others, the DNI, the data of the last payroll or pension … The entities usually give a response in a short period of time, 48 hours at most. They can be returned in up to 5 years and the interest to be paid is somewhat higher than those of a traditional personal loan but much lower than those of mini-credits.
  • Credit card: For certain expenses, you can choose to deal with the credit card. Normally they have a limit, which is fixed at the time of hiring it, according to the characteristics of the client. Many of them offer the possibility of deferring payment or dealing with it in a fractional way. Normally interest is charged for both. The advantage of credit cards is that they allow you to choose the payment method and you can re-dispose of the money.

Check credit cards

Check credit cards

We list below some possibilities if you have to apply for an urgent loan and it appears in a list of delinquents:

  • Loans with mortgage guarantee: Some financiers grant urgent loans demanding this type of collateral, in many cases real estate, cars, objects of art … that they consider may have an easy exit in the market. The capital they offer usually ranges between 40 and 50% of the value of the object used as collateral.
  • Property pawn: This is another option for those who appear on delinquent listings. Change a property (car, jewelry, art objects …) in exchange for money. There are several types of efforts. Thus, there is the possibility of exchanging the good pawned for money and it can also be left as collateral and be repaid the amount borrowed in installments and, when paying the debt, recover the object.
  • Some mini-loans: Some companies allow their hiring to people who appear in listings such as Credit Institutions, as long as the outstanding debt is less than 1,000 USD.

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